Our Team

Jill Ryan, PhD, is a licensed psychologist with specializations in Neuropsychology and Health Psychology. Dr. Ryan has restructured her practice over the past year to focus on research-based evaluation and treatment of older adults, an area in which she has long-standing interest and advanced training. Her focus is on promoting healthy aging by identifying ways of maximizing strengths to balance challenges. Age is just a number and everyone ages differently. So, getting to know the whole person including relationships, stressors, diet, exercise and lifestyle choices is necessary to identify ways of providing support to achieve the highest quality of health and life possible. As a former public health official, she is committed to coordination of care and frequently works with and refers to providers across other disciplines.   

Carol Watts, LISW, is a therapist and Cogmed coach. As a licensed social worker, Carol has worked extensively with individuals with intellectual and physical disabilities and with the elderly. Outside of the office, Carol enjoys spending time with her family, friends, pets and doing yoga.

Yvonne Lutter, PsyD, is a licensed psychologist with over 35 years of experience in mental health.  Trained as a generalist in mental health assessment and treatment in an urban VA hospital setting, she has worked in a variety of challenging environments including eleven years as the Clinical Supervisor for the New Mexico Women’s Correctional Facility, and five years with Indian Health Service, in two different reservation hospitals. On a personal note, Yvonne appreciates family and good friends, laughter and good food, the beauty of the natural world, simplicity, and the lessons taught by a myriad of animal companions.

Megan Lindgren has been a neuropsychological testing technician for eight years. She has also worked in many areas of mental health, providing supports, and developing services for individuals with brain injury, severe mental illness, and intellectual and physical disabilities. Interests include her dogs, one of which (Ruby Jewel) is a therapy dog in our office. Meg is also an artist and interested in languages, including Arabic and French.